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Illinois Special Ed: CPR - Education Plans (IEP)

As the term denotes, IEP’s are education plans designed specifically for the unique needs of the individual child.  An IEP can be a blessing for your child’s educational career or it can be a “band-aid,” for a wound that won’t heal.  Once a child is found eligible for special education services, they are entitled to an IEP that is designed to help them to receive an educational benefit. The problem is that IEP’s are great in theory and often less so in reality.

Special Education CPR can help you with any of the following and more:

    * Attending IEP meetings.
    * Enforcement of the provisions in your child’s IEP.
    * Analysis of your child’s current IEP and consultation and recommendations to ensure that your child’s needs
      are protected under the law.

 If your child has an IEP that you feel isn’t properly assisting them in school, call us for an appointment so that one of our experienced attorneys can advocate on you and your child’s behalf.  

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