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Illinois Special Education Law Attorneys, Rockford, IL

Special Education Law: CPR is a Rockford, Illinois-based 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization committed to serving the needs of children with special needs and their families in the Northwestern Counties of Illinois.  A practice group, of Shriver, O’Neill, & Thompson we are the only legal agency in the area specializing in Special Education Law. Our knowledgeable staff has the experience, passion and track record to help ensure your child’s rights are protected.  We will take special care in assessing your child’s needs and ensuring that they receive the proper federally mandated support necessary to receive educational benefit they are entitled to.

Our attorneys will provide you with confident and proven legal representation at any stage of a special education matter. From attending an IEP meeting to litigating a due process hearing on behalf of your child, Special Education Law: CPR will provide the advocacy needed when dealing with complacent, uncooperative or even hostile school districts and their staff. Some of the

We can help secure your child the proper placement and/or accommodations they need for their education, address the legal implications of a school district’s actions, or ensure reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses you as parents have incurred in providing for your child what the District was legally obligated to .

Search our site for more information on our services, our people, and the law.   Read testimonials from past clients whose success stories (that we helped to write) inspire us to work even harder.  Call Special Education Law: CPR so that your child doesn’t have to go another day without the education they deserve.

-CPR Staff-

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